"Enemies of liberty" more accurately located

Congressman Ron Paul writes:

"Proponents of reinstating the draft claim it is needed to protect liberty from enemies abroad. But what about the enemies of liberty right here at home? I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill than there are on the rest of the globe. If we would get our troops off of foreign soil, those perceived enemies of our liberty abroad are much more likely to stand down and let us be. We have more than enough troops to mind our own business and defend ourselves. It is only for world domination that we have a troop shortage."

—From "On Reinstating the Draft"

Who needs war and crime?

The military and the police of course. Bureau budgets must always be maintained and expanded.

"Legitimacy and need are problems for the military and police, particularly if 'peace' breaks out, and if crime declines. More generally, if social order overtakes social disorder in public perceptions, the military and police become less important. This poses an organizational challenge that has been partially solved by the mass media and popular culture myth-generating machine..."

David L. Altheide, Creating Fear: News and the Construction of Crisis, pp. 153-154.