Strong positive response to "On the origins of Bitcoin"

The positive response to my recent paper, “On the origins of Bitcoin: Stages of monetary evolution” (23 October 2013), has been quite a surprise. Within the first hour, I had received word that the 30-page PDF had already been loaded onto an iPad in Texas and laser-printed in Brazil. Pretty soon, it had been posted on Reddit (r/bitcoin), where it was described as a “treatise.”

In less than the first two days, there have been nearly a thousand visitors to this link on my website. The paper has generated cascading retweets and tweets of recommendation and appreciation that total about 50, as far as I can estimate. Tuur Demeester, editor of the MacroTrends investment newsletter, has been tweeting quotes from it.

The highlight has to be a tweet from Jon Matonis, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, Forbes contributor, payments industry veteran, and long-time advocate for non-political currency options: “Konrad Graf earns his place in Bitcoin economic history.”

Well, with that, it must be time to call it a good week.


Link updated from 23.10.2103 version to revised and expanded 03.11.2013 version

Download PDF: On the origins of Bitcoin: Stages of monetary evolution (03.11.2013)