REVIEW | Unstoppable Global Warming by Fred Singer and Dennis Avery

Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years is not just a book, but a massive review of the scientific literature, citing hundreds of studies from all over the world. And while the emphasis is squarely on the science, it also presents some evidence as to the structure and motivations behind the fear-mongering and power issues underpinning this topic.

For example, it presents evidence of intentional, or at least criminally negligent, presentations of data in some key studies and official reports, especially UN reports on climate change, that are then happily splashed across headlines to sell media. There is even evidence of political editing of key UN reports – after the scientists have signed off on them – that fundamentally change the findings (and this all came well before the Climategate emails came to light).

Executive summary of what the reviewed evidence suggests:

1) The Earth is in the upswing of a medium-term climate cycle. While there are many overlapping cycles of various durations, this one has been happening about every 1,500 years for at least the past hundreds of thousands of years, utterly independent of human activity, most likely fueled by a solar output cycle.

2) A great number of the individual surface temperature readings that show greater warming are flawed due to changes in the environments immediately around the temperature recording stations, mainly from urbanization (for example, the construction of heat reflecting parking lots next to recording stations).

3) Climate modeling using supercomputers is incredibly flawed and the results cannot be trusted. In some cases, there is circumstantial reason to believe that key modelling studies supporting the man-made global warming hypothesis are based on flawed data and characterized by the careful selection of only that data that supports the hypothesis and the ignoring of data that does not.

4) Hard measures of temperature change that are reliable, including satellite data, tree ring studies, ice core studies, and studies of the movement of tree lines up and down mountainsides show compelling evidence from all over the world that supports the 1,500-year cycle hypothesis, and either does not support, or strongly contradicts, the man-made climate change hypothesis.

5) The long-term data does indicate that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been correlated with changes in temperature. However, these temperature changes follow such changes in carbon dioxide rather than preceding them, and do so with a lag of several centuries.

6) Oceans are not going to flood, islands are not going to sink, and species are not going extinct as a result of human carbon emissions (each of these topics is treated in turn).

7) And in any case, warmer climates are better for most life forms, for food production, and for reducing the incidence of violent storms, compared to periods of cooling.

Unstoppable climate-change scare-mongering enables a massive power grab for the state. Legitimate, valid, scientific evidence has little to do with it. Selection and bias are rampant, as are misinterpretation and misreporting by both researchers and the media. However, if you are interested in considering some legitimate evidence for yourself, Avery and Singer offer a great opportunity to access some, with plenty of references for follow-up.